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A guide for choosing the right plan

All plans on Find Kids Sports focus on the details parents need to make an informed decision for the child's sports and athletic activities whether they are new to sports or moving on to a more competitive level.  We also offer premium/paid plans which include features to promote and advertise an organization.  Learn more about plan features.

The "Champions" Plan 

The "Champions" plan provides the most visibility to programs and extra features to promote your organization.  Additional features and benefits include:

  • Event advertising- unlimited (for registrations, signup, tryouts)  
  • No ads on Listing profile
  • Link direct to your website
  • Write articles/blog 
  • Add Photos/Videos
  • Customize Listing SEO & Keywords
    What is SEO?  SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization.  SEO is having an optimized website that ranks well in search engines like Google and Bing.  Find Kids Sports comes with optimized webpage listings.  The Champion membership level offers extra SEO flexibilty.  Use our form to optimize the SEO structure of your directory page the way that you like.  You choose your Meta Title, Meta Keywords, Meta Description, Social Media Title and Social Media description.  When someone shares your listing, generally search engines use your description.

The "Playoffs" Plan
The "Playoffs" membership level is the perfect way to attract more players to your organizations registrations and signups by making it easy for parents to find all the information about your next season, camp, clinic and more!  An organization can create an additional listing for each sign up that you have.  (Click to see an example)

Event Advertising:  (3 Events - Registrations)

  • Create separate searchable listing linking for each of your open/upcoming registrations.  
  • Great for parents!  Great for you!
  • Event listings link to your website or signup page
  • Similar to a flyer that has all registration details
  • Use additional keywords/tags that help parents find you.
  • Reach a larger audience for new or supplemental programs like a camp or a clinic that are increasingly hard to promote.
  • Use the social media share buttons to share all your registration details (including sign up link) on social media networks.
  • Add camp/season details that also will link back to your main listing on

The "Seasons" Plan

All plans focus on the details parents need to make an informed decision for their child's sports.
Organization Name
Social Media Sharing
You Tube
Type of Organization (ex. league)
Programs Offered
Personal Quote/Motto
Mission Statement
Local High School feeds
Honor and Awards
Year Established

Social media Links

The social media buttons serve to promote your organizations presence on various social media networks and help you to generate fans/followers for those accounts.  It also gives parents and players an additional feel for your organization.

Social media share buttons

Social media share buttons enable visitors of your Listing to easily share your content with their social media connections and networks.  Parents can also share your listings by email and so can you!  Registration-Sign up Listings are simple to share on all of your social media pages and it already has the link right to your websites registrations page.  How easy is that!

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