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Teach Your Players to Be Good Sports

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Teach Your Players to Be Good Sports

You have heard the old adage that winning isn’t everything, but how do you get your team to understand what that means? Good sportsmanship is just as important as learning the rules in youth sports, and coaches should try to stress that value along with the basics of how to play. Here are some tips to encourage your team to embrace the concept of fairness and kindness in athletic competition.

Keep it Friendly

 Manners go a long way on and off the field. Players should be respectful of their fellow team members, coaches, officials, and the other team.  After all, kids sports are supposed to be fun. Stress the importance of taking turns, following rules, and resolving conflicts.  

The Art of Losing

In every competition, only one team can win. Reassure your team that while a loss is disappointing, they should congratulate their opponents. Remind them that a defeat is not the end of the world, and they can work harder to improve. Take some time as a team to analyze errors and learn from mistakes.

No Sore Winners

 When your team wins, you can emphasize the need to be humble. A win is no time to brag and over-celebrate. Focus on what actions during the game led to a victory instead of building up any one player’s ego.

By teaching your team good sportsmanship as part of any youth sports program, you can provide children with valuable social skills to benefit them long after the season ends.


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